Currently, we are observing a fast development of online gambling in Australia; one of the most breathtaking trends is the use of cryptocurrencies. Whilst already existing digital currencies have been accepted in Aussie Bitcoin Casinos, a new wave of cryptocurrencies is availing market opportunities by getting listed on Australian casinosRead More →

Royal flush is considered to be the premier poker hand; however, it rarely appears. A close second would be straight flush. Beyond two pairs, adding suited connectors and ace suits can add depth to your starting poker hands and make them harder for opponents to read. For a quick visualRead More →

A royal flush is the strongest poker hand. It beats all other hands except a full house and two pair. Connector hands such as AKs and KQs make great starting hands from any position, enabling you to draw straights or flushes and win big pots. Royal Flush The Royal FlushRead More →

Even with its difficult task of predicting 17 carefully chosen football matches accurately, winning the jackpot entails a considerable monetary prize – and partial success brings bonuses too! Finding winning combinations in jackpot games requires both knowledge and intuition; however, a few helpful hints can make this task significantly simpler.Read More →

Poker is an engaging card game which requires both psychological and technical skill. Bettors need all of this information about their opponents so as to maximize their odds of victory. Games that use chips as money are popular because it is easier to count, stack and make change with chipsRead More →

Real money roulette games must now take into account the increasing sophistication of mobile devices when developing real money roulette games for smartphones and tablets. A good online roulette game should offer an enjoyable gameplay, responding quickly to taps or swipes on its touchscreen interface. The best online roulette sitesRead More →

Don’t get carried away when celebrating your big win at the casino; don’t forget about taxman! The IRS considers gambling winnings to be taxable income, with how much tax owed depending on what game was played and your earnings/wager ratio. Additionally, most states mandate state taxes on gambling winnings paidRead More →

No matter your level, free roulette games provide an ideal environment for testing strategies without risking real money. They also enable players to hone their skills and become familiar with the game’s rules before playing for real. Playing free online roulette provides all the same rules and payouts as itsRead More →

In blackjack, the best hand is comprised of two tens, jacks or queens – it cannot be defeated and pays 3:2 in standard games of blackjack. Starting out with 11 is also an effective strategy, although your chances are only about 30% of beating the dealer. A hard 20 isRead More →