Down Under and on the Blockchain: Rise of New Cryptocurrencies in Australian Casinos

Currently, we are observing a fast development of online gambling in Australia; one of the most breathtaking trends is the use of cryptocurrencies. Whilst already existing digital currencies have been accepted in Aussie Bitcoin Casinos, a new wave of cryptocurrencies is availing market opportunities by getting listed on Australian casinos as well.

The growth in crypto transactions has several benefits to the players as well as the casinos. For most, this is normally faster, cheaper, and safer than the usual payment methods of traditional ones. As a consequence, crypto gambling possesses a privacy layer, and the withdrawals may be faster. For casinos, by doing so, it keeps constituting a new market of betting people but the transactions are made much easier because cryptocurrencies make it possible to forget about multiple payment processors.

A Primer on Crypto Gambling:

Before getting into the addition of new cryptocurrencies to Aussie casinos, let’s have a peek at the ABCs of crypto gambling:

Blockchain Technology: Cryptocurrencies operate on a decentralized, digital ledger called a blockchain.  This technology ensures secure and transparent transactions.

Profits for Players: Crypto gambling offers faster transaction times, lower fees, potential anonymity, & access to huge bonuses & promotions.

Safety: Honest crypto casinos rank security measures 1st to save player balance & personal data.

Guideline: The regulation of crypto gambling is still evolving in Australia.  It’s very needed to play at sites permitted by big regulatory organizations.

Newly Added Crypto Coins in Australian Casinos:

Tether (USDT):

Tether or USDT is a stable coin, which simply matches the dollar as it is pegged into the US dollar. Because of the constancy of Tether, crypto-gambling companies have preferred to use it as a way to counteract the volatility normally experienced in the other cryptocurrency market. Some Australian casinos (BitStarz & 7Bit Casino), have turned to this coin as their main payment option.

Polygon (MATIC):

This is the solution to the scalability of the Ethereum blockchain, which intends to resolve problems such as low transaction speed and very high rates. Given its low cost and faster transactions, the Polygon network is getting more & more attractions among crypto gambling fans. JackBit & FortuneJack, among the top casinos, are now starting to offer deals in the Polygon network, a feature they all live to enjoy.

Chainlink (LINK):

It is based on the decentralized Oracle network that has the capability of providing smart contracts that are fully and reliably made. The linking with online gambling platforms by Chainlink ever remains purely used for payments but opens the door for the invention of new features and as well as possibly fair games. So to speight, there are several Australian casinos like Wall Street Memes and Cloudbet who are currently researching different options and exploring methodologies of how they can benefit from using Link.

Cardano (ADA): 

Being an energy-efficient blockchain platform, that offers an increased transaction speed, Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform. Whilst its implementation in online casinos is still in early trials, some ahead-of-the-curve Australian casinos, for example, Metaspins, are now accessing the Cardano for settlements for deposit and withdrawal.

Cosmos (ATOM):

Cosmos is an interoperability project and a solution for the blockchain networks to be able to collaborate and let the network with the other have the data. This could finally convert gamblers in coin fashion by brokering cross-chain deals while users play with multiple cryptocurrencies inside a single casino website. Whilst most of the casinos in Australia aren’t aiming at implementing the Cosmos technology now, some of them could give it a try soon.

Benefits and Considerations for Players:

The inclusion of new crypto coins in online betting sites provides many benefits to users:

More Payment Getaways:  Increased variety allows players to choose the cryptocurrency that best suits their needs in terms of transaction fees, volatility, and privacy.

Quicker Dealings:  Crypto transactions are generally faster than traditional payment methods, leading to quicker withdrawals.

Anonymity:  While not entirely anonymous, crypto transactions offer a higher degree of anonymity compared to traditional banking methods.


The acceptance of new cryptocurrencies by Australian casinos indicates a growing improvement in the online gambling industry. Even though traditional payment methods will continue to be used along with cryptocurrencies, the convenience, speed, and potential anonymity that these digital currencies offer will remain attractive to an increasing number of users. Although crypto betting entails a risk, it is imperative to play responsibly. In knowing the risks and benefits, selecting a trustworthy online casino, and placing reasonable limits, casino players can then have a good experience and still not risk much.

Looking at the fact that the technology keeps on evolving, crypto gambling in Australia, the future, may be a bright one, with multiple opportunities for players and the online casino industry.

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