Baccarat Strategies Decoded – Tips For Success

While employing baccarat strategies can make the game even more enjoyable for players, one must keep in mind that this casino table game is dependent entirely on luck; comparatively more player-friendly than most online gambling games, baccarat comes with a fair amount of risk involved.

Pattern recognition requires that we observe certain events a number of times over lots of different deals, but it tells us nothing about whether such patterns will continue or ever end.

Basic rules

Though baccarat is a game of chance like any other, a good baccarat strategy allows you to lower the house edge and increase your chances of victory. Every baccarat player needs a good baccarat strategy, but creating one can take some time, and some luck, of course.

A zigzag betting system is an exciting online baccarat strategy that may allow you to multiply your capital. To start with, you are to give 14 dollars on banker, 14 dollars on player and additionally place 1 dollar on tie. Every round you may lose 10 dollars totally; but if you win, your bet sum should be raised to 8 dollars (3+5) for every round.

Another good baccarat strategy is a ‘one-sided strategy’, which refers to the knowing that casino games cannot be proven to go over a long period of time to follow any defined pattern and that there might be some ‘trends’ that players can seize upon by betting baccarat. It does work but to be effective it must be done in moderation and with a good bankroll to hand so that losing streaks do not deplete your account – by that I mean a decent sized bankroll.


So, once you have learnt basic baccarat strategies, if you want to take it further you will have to pay closer attention and perhaps develop more depth of knowledge and focus as this will, hopefully, improve your profitability as well as limiting your losses. These advanced strategies take more focus but could maximise your winnings while minimising your losses.

Another widely used approach is known as ‘Card Count’. The idea here is to count cards as they are dealt and to bet accordingly: if the count exceeds 14, bet on Banker, otherwise bet Player. This is not, strictly speaking, a winning strategy, but it will make you money more than it will lose it.

However, other strategies of play in baccarat that are based on detecting or finding trends in the outcomes hold no viable strategy of play owing to the fact that every result is independent on the outcome of the previous play, hence it would be unwise to make a decision on further betting based on a previously held outcome. Determine budget and staking units before each session, all this will invariably curtail your leverage to overstretch your budget and assist in managing your winnings.


Whilte baccarat is a winner take all game of chance, players can employ different strategies reducing their losses and enhancing their winnings. To begin with, winning at baccarat is not guaranteed. There are no strategies that are going to see players walk home with money in their hands but not in the bank.If there is one or two things that players can employ to reduce their losses and increase their winnings, then they can try limiting losses and improving their skills, reducing the risk of investing in the game and still enjoying themselves.

By far the most effective baccarat strategy is the use of the Martingale system – betting twice the previous value after every loss, and returning to the original size of the bet after a win; in that its principle states that sooner or later winning will reimburse all previous losses plus profit.

Another strategy for baccarat: counting cards. Yes, by counting cards you are trying to identify patterns and predict outcomes, which makes it yet another grey-area technique. Or there is the Mikki Mase approach, which also relies on an identification of patterns within it – and some may view this as a scam too.


There are many baccarat strategy guides in online casinos promising foolproof wins. Some strategies focus on following sequences and winning streaks, but some are much more involved. An example of this is the ‘trend switch’ strategy which assumes that casinos don’t run on randomness in the long run, but that there are clearly readable trends in the outcome of banker and player which you can hedge against: since these trends change, you can bet accordingly (if the lines shift, you also shift your bet).

Another popular baccarat betting system, one that more resembles standard card-counting in blackjack, is to assign each card a value and then add up all the totals at the end of each round – in this case, in order to determine which side to bet on, either Player or Banker.

Pattern recognition makes the online baccarat somewhat intriguing, though the game is a matter of pure chance and pattern recognition works for chance when practising a good strategy and won’t overspend the amount.

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