How to Select a Winning Craps Bet

In no other casino game can you get such a big edge by betting smallish amounts and when you do it is so easy to win! Even better, your opponents in Vegas don’t care about your small bets because they will always have a tough time getting back any money from you even if you go broke. But your main objective is to get as many hands as you can off the board as soon as possible, with the exception of an Ace which makes the edge even slimmer! Here are some ways to help you achieve that goal.

– The most popular house edge, the low Pass Line, actually has a house advantage of only 1. 41% and hence is the easiest bet to win. A low pass line bet simply means that players bet on the first shooter hitting the board, followed by a second, third and fourth. The odds of hitting the first two freebies are quite good and thus there is no reason why you should hold out on making the rest. After all, if you hit the first two bets you stand a very good chance of hitting one of the free bets as well. As long as you are within shouting distance of doubling your money, you should be in the green!

– One bet that is a very popular choice in Vegas and often goes unbetted is the dice throw. Players bet depending on whether or not they think the dice will stop at a certain number. If they think the dice will stop at twelve, you place one of your bets, and the other players have to throw the dice for their money. However, if the dice does stop at twelve you walk away with your winnings, regardless of whether the shooters missed or hit the target. This is a popular betting strategy because, once again, the payout odds are very attractive.

Many players also like to wager at the end of a round, regardless of whether or not they think the shooter will make it to the hole. This is especially true when there is some uncertainty about which player will win the coin toss for the last bet. Since players often do not want to place bets when their bets are still late in the game, this strategy often yields the best payout odds.

In addition to these types of craps bets, you can also choose to bet on the bounce, or to bet on the re-roll. The bounce is usually played when the last bet of the round has yet to be paid out. In this situation, each person involved in the craps bets, including the bets that were intended to pay out, roll a single dice. The value of the dice is added up when the result of the roll is determined, and the winner is the player with the highest total points at the end of the game.

The re-roll, on the other hand, is different. It requires that you bet the same amount on both your first and second bets, but since the re-roll occurs after the first bet is made, each person’s points are multiplied by two, making their final stakes equal to four times the initial stake. With either or both of these bets, the overall payout odds will vary. These factors can greatly effect the overall profit potential of your craps games. Therefore, you should choose your bets carefully, and use a variety of betting strategies so that you can increase your winning chances. If you stick with the basics, though, you can expect to enjoy a fun, challenging, and profitable experience.

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